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Hey everyone!

I'm Amy Pruitt, and I am so excited you're here! I was born in Wyoming, but Southern Virginia has been home for us for the last twenty years. I feel the most at home being outside and in the mountains, when I’m in nature walking under a canopy of trees, listening to birds, and feeling a cool breeze. 


I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years now and we have five beautiful, lively and hilarious children. Raising my kids really taught me so much about our lives as consumers and what kids actually enjoy. Haven't we all had that experience where your kid wants to play with giant cardboard box more than the super cool, expensive toy that came inside it? That is just part of the inspiration behind The Happy Little Fox Toy Shop! 

After watching my dear friend  bring her own dream of owning a book shop to life and having the privilege of working at her shop, I felt like my own dream of owning a unique toy shop could really become a reality! And here we are today! 

If you're still reading at this point, thank you! You've made it to the extra special bonus content, which is about my other children: Foxy and Rocket. They were just the extra special tough of crazy, calm, and fun that made our family complete. 

I am all about community and staying connected, so please come on in, say hi, and let's build the village we need to raise our kids together at Happy Little Fox Toy Shop! 


Special Thanks 

The Happy Little Fox would like to give thanks to the AMAZING Airin O'Callaghan. The illustrator extraordinaire who illustrated all the beautiful work you see for The Happy Little Fox. Follow the button to visit her page and check out her incredible work! 

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